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The Online Irish Lottery Can Put a Smile on Your Face

We've all seen photos of an Irish Lottery winner holding an oversized check, for some huge amount, with an enormous smile on his or her face. Very few of us can look at that check and that smile and not think, "If only…" Yes, the odds of winning lotteries are long, but people DO win the Lottery and that lucky winner could be you. William Hill makes it easy for you to fill out the form for playing Irish Lotto online – it's the quickest way to take that first step to making your dreams come true.

William Hill Will Help You Play the Lottery Online

At William Hill, the Irish Lottery is one of three online lotteries, along with the New York Lottery and 49s. Playing online means not having to leave your house when you want to fill out the form. The main game is the Irish Lotto, in which you have to choose six numbers from a pool of 45. The jackpot is at least €2 million, but it rises when there's no winner. Draws are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and tickets can cost as little as €3 (for the minimum entry, which is two lines of six numbers).

How to Win the Lottery without Really Trying

Playing online lotto with William Hill is simple. Most people have a lucky set of lottery numbers (birthdays, addresses, etc.), but there's also the option of a "quick pick," which lets the computer choose the numbers randomly. The Irish Lottery pays out – in winnings – more than half the money it takes in. The rest is used for good causes, such as health-related projects and the arts. So do good, feel good and have a great time playing the Irish Lottery.